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  (Out Of Stock) Britax Baby Carrier, Organic Tan เป้อุ้มเด็ก  
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  ราคา 4,200.00 ฿
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  Britax Baby Carrier, Organic Tan
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 Product Description
Color: Organic Tan
Product Description
The BRITAX BABY CARRIER allows you to transport your child in style and comfort. Its padded waist and shoulder straps distribute weight evenly across your frame, and multiple carrying positions mean you can face your baby inward or outward. The carrier features a one-handed buckle that lets you easily get your child in and out, and its removable infant insert helps smaller babies maintain a safe, natural seated position.
(Tan)At a Glance:CarryLong system distributes weight across your frame for optimized comfort
Harness and pouch design with head support and adjustable leg openings ensure a safe, comfortable fit
Slip-on design and one-handed buckles allow for quick and easy wear
Open and contoured for breathability and temperature management
Machine washable for easy cleaning
Age/Weight Requirements:
For children 8 to 32 pounds รับน้ำหนักได้ตั้งแต่ 3.5-14 กก.
Assembly Requirements:
No assembly required
Limited two-year warranty
CarryLong System
8-32 pound Weight Capacity
Removable Infant Insert
The CarryLong system includes padded shoulder straps and belt to help distribute weight evenly across your shoulders,
hips, and back. View larger.
This carrier's breathable and versatile design keeps infants and toddlers cool and comfy as they ride with you. View larger. CarryLong System and Breathable Design for Comfort
The BRITAX BABY CARRIER is designed to optimize comfort for both you and your child. The CarryLong system features a padded belt and shoulder straps that help distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, back, and hips for comfort, even during extended wear.
Multiple carrying positions let you face your baby inward or outward, and padded leg openings help keep your child cozy. Finally, the carrier boasts an open and contoured design for breathability and temperature management, so you and your little one will stay cool and comfortable.
Easy to Slip On, Wear, Adjust, and Clean
The slip-on design means the carrier is easy to put on and take off, while the one-handed buckles and snaps let you get your child in and out quickly. Harness straps at the front of the carrier are easy to reach and loosen, and the strap ends fit into the included elastic bands to eliminate excess dangling straps. The carrier and cotton bib (included) are machine washable.
Harness and Support System Keep Your Child Safe
The BRITAX BABY CARRIER is recommended for children from 8 to 32 pounds. The harness and pouch design ensure your child will stay comfortably and securely inside the carrier. An adjustable head support stabilizes your child's head and neck, while adjustable leg loops ensure a correct fit. The carrier also includes a removable infant insert for smaller babies, helping them maintain a comfortable, natural seated position.
For older children that no longer require the use of the infant insert, the Seat Extender Insert (sold separately) can be used with the BRITAX BABY CARRIER. The Seat Extender Insert is a removable support that provides a wider seating area by cradling your baby's bottom and thighs, which allows your child to wrap or splay their legs around your waist when facing inward through the entire use of the carrier. This supports a wide, spread squatting position for your child and enhanced longer-wearing comfort for you through balanced weight distribution.
The BRITAX BABY CARRIER is backed by a manufacturer's limited two-year warranty.
What's in the Box
One BRITAX BABY CARRIER (Tan), removable infant insert, one cotton bib, and owner's manual.
Product Description
When it comes to carrying your baby, at Britax we know that the comfort of both parent and child are crucial. That's why Britax, the leader in child safety, has designed the Britax Baby Carrier to provide the highest level of long-wearing comfort for both you and your growing baby. The Britax Baby Carrier features the carrylong system, which reduces the risk of back and shoulder strain during extended wear by distributing weight across the shoulders, back and hips. Not only does the Britax Baby Carrier offer superior levels of comfort, but it is versatile as well. The ergonomic carrier allows you to face your baby inward towards you or outward to face the world, and accommodates infants from 8 pounds to toddlers up to 32 pounds. Along with comfort and versatility, the Britax Baby Carrier was engineered for simple daily use. An over-the-head design makes it easy to get the carrier on and off, one-handed buckles and snaps simplify getting your child in and out of the carrier, and both the harness and waist belt straps have been constructed for easy adjustment. Coming from the leader in child safety, the Britax Baby Carrier has been engineered for safety as well. Adjustable head support and leg loops provide head and neck stability for younger infants and a secure fit for smaller babies. A secure harness and pouch design ensures that baby will stay securely within the carrier. With the Britax Baby Carrier carrying your growing baby has never been more comfortable or easy. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric.

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